The first dance Dave. No we are not having one, really Said Dave? oh well said Dave eyeing up the pizza van instead, serving up fresh pizza for the guests! Next a rush of white dress and Richard has grasped his wife by the hand and headed for the Dance floor. Lucky that Dave had his LED light and camera set up just incase lol

According to Wiki. The “first dance” of a married couple is a popular element at modern European and American wedding receptions or post-wedding celebrations. The newly married couple, as the guests of honor at a dance, open the dancing. The style of dance is a personal choice. Some couples opt for a rehearsed, choreographed dance, whereas sources like etiquette columnist Judith Martin feel that performing a choreographed duet for spectators is inappropriate.

In the past, the couple did not dance the first dance alone. In her 1922 guide, Ettiquette, Emily Post recommended that newlyweds not join the dancing until after their guests had begun, and simply dance with one another first before moving on to other partners. This occurred while other guests continued dancing, and was not given particular attention or treated as a performance.

In the current times, ballroom dance is not a skill that is common within society. Therefore, some modern couples either slow dance or learn a dance, whether it be a ballroom dance style or a choreographed dance routine. Teaching and rehearsing the “first dance” is now a service offered by dance studios, independent dance instructors and specialist wedding dance tuition companies.

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