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Using drones at Weddings

Using drones at weddings

As a couple eager to get married, you definitely want to have an unforgettable day. In order to enjoy your day, you want to capture the best moments of your wedding in a unique way

Ever since the drone photography trend has hit the market, using an UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) at a wedding location has become a highly successful idea. The photos and videos captured by it are simply fantastic, and the end result is definitely much more satisfactory than taking standard photos from the ground.

Aerial photography and video recording adds a whole new dimension to any wedding. With a quadcopter or UAV, you can take photos from a wide variety of angles, bringing a real element of “Hollywood cinematic” into your wedding. With these beautiful devices, impossible is made possible, and all of your memories come to life.

Using drones at weddings

Drones can offer unique perspectives on the whole area, emphasizing the beauty of the nature and the surrounding panorama around the venue location. These devices are also capable of capturing unique moments. Unlike a ground-based photographer who can only take standard photos, a quadcopter equipped with a high-quality camera offers a whole new way to record your nuptials. This tiny flying device elevates your normal experience, transforming it into an once-in-a-lifetime moment that you will never forget.

Even though using one of these devices involves getting drone insurance and taking into account potential accidents, a professional drone operator with experience can do a marvelous job flying the quadcopter. He makes sure to capture every single beautiful moment while ensuring everyone on the ground is safe.

If you are looking for a professional and experienced  operator to use a drone at your wedding.  Telling the beautiful story of your amazing wedding day. I have access to a fully CAA licensed, top of the range drone that can take photos and record videos in full HD. Contact me now  and I will make sure your wedding memories will be nothing less than exceptional

Using drones at weddings

The first dance

The First Dance

The first dance Dave. No we are not having one, really Said Dave? oh well said Dave eyeing up the pizza van instead, serving up fresh pizza for the guests! Next a rush of white dress and Richard has grasped his wife by the hand and headed for the Dance floor. Lucky that Dave had his LED light and camera set up just incase lol

According to Wiki. The "first dance" of a married couple is a popular element at modern European and American wedding receptions or post-wedding celebrations. The newly married couple, as the guests of honor at a dance, open the dancing. The style of dance is a personal choice. Some couples opt for a rehearsed, choreographed dance, whereas sources like etiquette columnist Judith Martin feel that performing a choreographed duet for spectators is inappropriate.

In the past, the couple did not dance the first dance alone. In her 1922 guide, Ettiquette, Emily Post recommended that newlyweds not join the dancing until after their guests had begun, and simply dance with one another first before moving on to other partners. This occurred while other guests continued dancing, and was not given particular attention or treated as a performance.

In the current times, ballroom dance is not a skill that is common within society. Therefore, some modern couples either slow dance or learn a dance, whether it be a ballroom dance style or a choreographed dance routine. Teaching and rehearsing the "first dance" is now a service offered by dance studios, independent dance instructors and specialist wedding dance tuition companies.

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seeing the shot getting the shot at a wedding

Seeing the shot then getting the shot

Seeing the shot getting the shot is really important when you have 10 mins to shoot a bride and groom have one waterfall and no shoes on…. Richard and Hannah were keen to get a shot at the waterfalls so it was shoes off for everyone to get the photo. This is one of their favourite spots and will always be special to them.  You can just spot the flash hidden behind them to add a little bit of magic to the background. XDave

seeing the shot getting the shot
seeing the shot getting the shot

And yes it was worth it

seeing the shot getting the shot

wedding photographers Caerphilly

Wedding photographers Caerphilly

Photographed a wedding near Caerphilly so hatched a plan and waited for the right moment to take the bride and groom up the hill to get this shot.  Def worth the 20 min walk i think...Then a  quick dash back to the party before the first dance and evening bash.

Shot with the new Sigma 24-35mm Lens. Cant wait to share the rest of their wedding        X Dave


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Peterstone Court wedding photography | Clare & Dafydd

Had an early start to drive up for the wedding at Peterstone Court Breacon, I was photographing the wedding of Clare and Dafydd. The hotel was covered in fresh flowers and there seemed to be  101 people busy setting up the hotel for the big day.

The groom and his ushers arrived early. So early infact i checked the time of the wedding but all was good they were just doing as ordered! Upstairs was quite calm with Clare having her hair done.  Mum was on hand to show me where the dress and Jimmy Choos were and even though it was a winter wedding i spotted a flood of  quality light coming from one of the windows. This was going to be my studio for the shots of Clare in her stunning dress.

 Peterstone Court wedding photography


Peterstone court wedding photographs

Wedding photographer Cardiff

Cardiff wedding photographer | Wedding at Llandaff Cathedral | Canada Lodge.

Cardiff wedding photographer

Lots of tradition at todays wedding with the car and the Cathedral playing a big part in the lives of the brides family for many years and generations. The day started off at Vale hotel with the bride and all the girls enjoining a relaxed morning getting ready and putting the final touches to the arrangements. Cardiff wedding photographer

Llandaff wedding photography

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