Wedding Videographer Cardiff

A wedding requires meticulous planning and execution. However, wedding days rush by in a blur and it’s hardly possible for couples to keep tabs on all the activities and catch all the finest moments. This is where a wedding videographer comes in; to capture every detail of your wedding day from preparation through to the victory pose, speeches and last dance.


Prices ranges from £895 to £1195

There will not be any distractions Caused by me carrying bulky Equipment. One of the keys to keeping your wedding solemn is by the way i use  small, lightweight, reportage-style cameras. Im a videographer who doesn’t move around from table to table bothering your guests with annoying interviews. I try and stay unnoticed, finding the best spots to capture those really natural and beautiful sights and sounds of your wedding.

Wedding videographer CardiffAnd yes we can film from the air too with my good friends at Global Drone

Times have moved on from erecting clunky camera tripods and other support hardware in wedding venues. I don’t walk around with shoulder mounted cameras either. The cameras have changed in the video world and I shoot with the new Sony A7 range of cameras, providing HD quality video, proving bigger isn’t always better. The quality of picture I shoot is superbly cinematic. Watching the film of your wedding day, you will in essence be reliving every little detail and quirk of it, as well as unearthing new ones!

I shoot a wide Variety of Weddings from only 12 people to multi day Indian weddings in the City Hall Cardiff

I don’t only focus on the musical part of your wedding. Its your story that makes a big part of the video. Providing the sound of your vows and funny speeches is what forms the background of the video.   XDave

Wedding Videographer Cardiff